Websites For Small Businesses


Websites for small businesses are in different sizes and shapes all of which depend on the product or service offered and also the web design. Example given if a company that is for storage will most definitely be different with an online cloth selling store.

There are several factors that have to be considered when designing a website and its management. There are a few pages that one should have for the website of a small business.

The first one is a home page. While it may be a bit obvious it is surprising how these small businesses are at a loss when having to have a good home page. A home page is not only the index.php or index.html’s that appear when someone arrives at your landscaping company website, it is the first impression and should be able to get it right. This home page should have SEO Search Engine Optimization contents in the design of the website. It should also have a customized meta description that is most effective in keyword enabled search words,  headers and title tags.  It is here that users are welcomes to the site and given a preview of the business. An electrician website should especiall have detailed contents.

In a site map it is possible that you want to be listed by Google and others. Having a site map in the electrical contractor website it a good start. Visitors and interested partners can find and locate you. If you have a site map that is thorough will aid Google in ensuring that they are listing all your pages and with the right headings. A good site map is also able to help in good rankings of a page because of your inner linking.

About us helps customers to know who you are. Inform them of the business number of years in operation, business philosophy and the main things that are being offerd. If you have a guarantee, tell them. All these stuff here is quite simple but very helpful to would-be customers who are looking to understand the human side of your business.

Contact us is almost similar to About us because they both aim at reaching out to their likely customers. Here you need to put all the information including what you think is obvious, phone and fax numbers, customer service email, street. This however is not exhaustive and you should think of flavoring your page by including an example given a storefront using Google maps. Consider including also a photo of your staff members or the forefront of your store.For more facts and information about business, go to


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